Braces consist of brackets or bands, wires, and ties. Each individual person has an individual treatment plan. The brackets or bands are placed on the teeth in strategic places by Dr. Miller with special cement. The wires are then inserted into the brackets and tied in with individual ties or power-chain. You can choose a variety of colors for the ties or powerchain. How Fun!!

Dr. Miller will adjust the wires and his staff will replace the ties or powerchain. With each adjustment your teeth will move close to the desired position. You may be asked to wear elastics. Elastics are worn from the upper teeth to the lower and move your teeth back or down.


IInvisalign® aligment trays provide a clear way to straighten your teeth. Special impressions are taken and a set of trays are made. Every four weeks you will receive multiple trays that are worn for 7-10 days each. Over time, these trays gently move your teeth into their proper position creating your beautiful smile. Ask us if Invisalign® is right for you.