Our Approach

We have used traditional braces since the beginning of the practice in 1973.  Removable retainers and clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign® have been incorporated to give additional methods for correcting the teeth.  Over the years, continuing education courses and technological changes have given us the ability to move teeth easier.   Our appointments are now 4-6 weeks apart where we get the same or better movement than we did in the past with more frequent adjustments.  We continue to learn to give you a more thorough and updated treatment.

Our Story

I came to Paso Robles 44 years ago excited about orthodontics and the community.  The population was about a third of what it is today and people were unsure of the need for orthodontics.  We slowly changed what people knew about the purpose of a normal bite as well as the front teeth smile.  At our Free Initial Exam, we give you information with a demonstration of models and x-rays, while talking in understandable terms about what our treatment can accomplish.  We wish to serve you and your children to the very best of our ability.


Meet the Team

A great orthodontist employs a great team. And with over 40+ years of combined experience, our team continues to bring the best service to our clients in the community.


Dr Don Miller


A graduate of Ohio State College of Dentistry in 1969, I began a Graduate Degree in Orthodontics in 1973. I have been licensed by the California State Board of Dental Examiners since 1971.


Desariee Johnston

Registered Dental Assistant

I have been with Dr. Miller's since 2001. The best part of my job is the friendship I have with patients/parents. Married with 4 boys, I enjoy hiking, camping and spending time with my family and friends.

"Let's Get Started"