Complete Orthodontic Treatment

At your Free Consultation, Dr. Miller develops your treatment plan.  We coordinate appointments, financial plans and insurance benefits using our extensive familiarity with our community.

Payment Plans & Insurance

At your Free Consultation our Treatment Coordinator, Lynn, will review your treatment fee and payment plan with you.  All treatment is paid with an down payment and then monthly payments over the active treatment time.   We adjust your payment plan to reflect your orthodontic insurance.

Customer Care

Our goal is compassionate customer care. We listen to your concerns, develop considerate scheduling, adapt to your life changes; sometimes at the last minute, provide tender adjustments and foster friendships.  You are part of our orthodontic family.


Insurance Billing

At your Free Consultation our Treatment Coordinator, Lynn, will contact your insurance company to determine your orthodontic benefits.  Generally orthodontic benefits are separate from your regular dental benefits and are paid at 50% up to a specified Lifetime Maximum per person.  Lynn will collect the benefits for you and your Payment Plan will be adjusted accordingly.

Post Treatment Plan

Upon completion of treatment we provide retention appliances.  In addition, a period of time for check-ups is included at no charge. You are forever our patient and we will always make time in our schedule for you.  (Even years later)


"Let's Get Started"