Why Choose Us?

In our office we make beautiful smiles from crowded, misaligned teeth and change the fit of the teeth to a more harmonious and healthy bite.  We have done this for over four decades with a compassionate and caring attitude.

We do not end our relationship with our patients when the braces are removed.  We watch them over an extended period to keep their teeth aligned.  We even have had patients return after 10 or 20 years for retainer adjustments or new retainers.

Dr. Miller has been a local Orthodontist in Paso Robles for over 40 years.   We believe several of your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues have remarkable smiles created by Dr. Miller.  With his compassionate care and individual attention your smile will be impressive as well.  Our staff has been committed to Dr. Miller’s philosophy, ethics and kindness over many years.

Please call for your Free Initial Exam today and you will agree that Dr. Miller is the right choice.

Complete Treatment Coordination

A treatment plan is determined at your free initial exam. Insurance benefits and appointment coordinations are also reviewed.

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Payment Plans & Insurance

Payment plans are adjusted according to your orthodontic insurance coverage and reviewed at your free initial exam.

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Compassionate Customer Care

You will be treated with compassion throughout your entire treatment plan as a member of our orthodontic family.

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"We accept most qualified dental plans that have orthodontic coverage!"

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